Rest & Nutrition


Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and an afternoon snack for those children who are collected late from care.

Food is prepared on site with this contributing to the home-like atmosphere of the Centre. We strive to provide beautiful food for our children, and if you visit our lovely family you will often be greeted by beautiful aromas wafting from the kitchen! We make every effort to provide diversity and variety in our menu. Some of our regularly prepared dishes include:

  • Blueberry muffins
  • Coconut and plum jam cake
  • Date and ginger biscuits
  • Zucchini and corn fritters
  • Dried fruit and pumpkin seed muesli slice
  • Steamed spinach and chicken and rice casserole
  • Moroccan chicken and fried rice casserole
  • Apricot chicken
  • Asian noodles and meatballs
  • Vegetarian fried rice

Active Pathways values cultural diversity, it honours the cultural and religious food practices of enrolled children. All food is served in accordance with its anti-discrimination policy, and there is no separate charge for special food requirements.

The Centre follows its in house nutrition policy, which is developed in accordance with Australian Dietary guidelines (NHMRC 2013); Education and Care Services National Law 2011; Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011; and Local Council.

Rest and Settling

Active Pathways promotes independence and positive self-concepts and encourages children to self soothe when they are able. We also understand that children are not always able to settle themselves. Educators will be guided by parents regarding children’s use of comforters and so on, with the overall aim of children feeling safe and secure while in care. Active Pathways believes that children are most easily settled when they are relaxed. If this means they have a special comforter, or require a special song, or even a favourite carer to be with them, every effort will be made to provide this! Many of our children are patted off to sleep, and we find this assists with settling, especially for children who may experience stress or separation anxiety.

Throughout the day, Active Pathways has policies in relation to the settling of children. In the instance a child cannot be settled, parents are contacted immediately. While educators who join the Active Pathways family have the required Child Care qualifications and First Aid certifications etc, educators are also chosen on a set of criteria relating to emotional intelligence, most notably, warmth, conflict resolution skills, inclusive values and beliefs, and a nurturing disposition.


All children are encouraged to rest. We attempt to provide an environment that promotes rest, relaxation and sleep. Gentle classical music is played and the fully air-conditioned rooms are darkened. This environment fosters a comforting feeling for children and permits those children to sleep who are tired and others to just rest quietly. Educators assist children in resting by reading stories, patting foreheads, rubbing backs. Children are not required to sleep but are encouraged to rest quietly.