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Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre provides a Fully Government approved five day a week Kindergarten program with the provision of a diverse curriculum, including cooking lessons, music lessons and regular excursions. Our program operates 52 weeks of the year. This service gives families the flexibility of accessing a quality Kindergarten program within Long Day Care hours.

The Kindergarten program is a stand-alone program and consists of only children of Kindergarten age and ability. It is the aim of our Kindergarten program that by the end of the year, children can function as a member of a group, take turns listening and speaking and have exposure to literacy and numeracy. Our Kindergarten program strives to be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of all its children. We believe that Kindergarten should be a nurturing environment that acts as a transition to formal learning. It should aim to instil a lifelong love of learning in the child. Active Pathways follows the Queensland Kindergarten curriculum. It provides instruction in a range of areas, some of which are provided by a range of external specialists:

  1. Cooking lessons
  2. Music lessons
  3. Excursions to a range of local social and cultural events
  4. Cultural knowledge and understanding
  5. Scientific thinking
  6. Mathematical awareness and concepts
  7. Imaginative play
  8. Outdoor play (including development of gross motor skills)
  9. Development of sharing and teamwork

Central to our Kindergarten ethos is the building of confidence and self-identity. Our program places focus on families and assists with promoting children’s pride and confidence in ‘who they are’ as a member of their family and as a member of their community. Within this context, the program recognises both cultural similarities and differences, and likes to promote and learn about the different cultural backgrounds of children that attend the Centre.

Each year Active Pathways has a special Kindergarten graduation, which was developed to celebrate the children’s transition from Kindergarten to school. Recognising this achievement enables children to say goodbye to their educators and peers, and to be excited about their foray into the school system. Each child wears a graduation cap and gown and is presented to the audience by Active Pathways teachers. An overview of each child is provided that focuses on each child’s achievements and aspirations for the future. Parents and relatives of the children attend the ceremony, and it is followed by a morning tea.

There are subsidies available for those parents accessing our Kindergarten program. Please call our office on 4636 2422 for further details or email

Kindergarten Fees

Kindergarten Room Goals

  1. To create weekly plans that achieve all five learning outcomes as outlined in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG).
  2. To acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children.
  3. To acknowledge, celebrate, and value the diversity of cultures present at the service.
  4. To acknowledge children as competent learners, and build active communities of engagement and inquiry.
  5. To encourage children to be actively involved in their learning.
  6. To create activities those engage both genders in a creative and intellectual way.
  7. To implement strategies that will empower students to make positive contributions to the learning environment.
  8. To acknowledge and support the personal strengths, professional knowledge, diversity and experience that children bring to the learning environment.
  9. To create an environment whereby children feel safe, secure, and nurtured.
  10. To develop a positive and caring partnership with children and their families.