Current professional lessons being taught at Active Pathways includes Little Shakers.

Active Pathways provides a range of incursions which ensure that children are provided with ongoing stimulation and diversity of ideas and viewpoints. We have undertaken a range of various specialised activities, and these include: dance and music lessons, toddler yoga, French language lessons, and sign language instruction.

In 2017, Hey Dee Ho Music is being provided. Hey Dee Ho Music is provided by an external instructor and is a special way of incorporating music and movement.

Music and movement helps children to develop a range of skills including:

  1. Learning to participate in a group
  2. Developing social skills
  3. Expressing emotions in a safe and non-threatening environment
  4. Improving balance, coordination and rhythm through dance and movement activities
  5. Refining listening skills by noticing changes in tempo or pitch
  6. Improving motor skills through playing musical instruments

In addition to Hey Dee Ho Music, we are also providing cooking experiences for the children in both Lullaby Lane and Adventure Island. The children have been enjoying these experiences immensely, and are receiving a range of benefits including:

1. Learning basic mathematical concepts by counting and pouring into measuring cups, etc.

2. Developing a more adventurous palate

3. Being exposed to new sights, sounds and smells, and

4. Having their confidence boosted through the accomplishment of creating wonderful new dishes

Special Events

Incursions and special days promote lateral thinking and self-confidence. At Active Pathways, we plan regular theme based activities which are designed to be both enjoyable and an educational learning experience for children. Teaching children about the world that surrounds them and promoting community are just some of the benefits of incursions and special days. Further, they give enrichment to young children as well as a special and educational break from the day to day routines of the Centre.

Some of our Centre incursions include:

Visits by the Fire Brigade that focus on how to protect yourself in the case of fire;
visits by reptile handlers that educate the children about protecting and conserving Australia’s native wildlife; and entertainment shows by musical entertainers that focus on water safety.

A range of our special days include:
National PJ day designed to raise awareness of children in foster care;
International Food of the World Day which educates children about the diverse cultures that attend Active Pathways;
Harmony Day which embraces inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone;
Naidoc Week which is a week that features activities that celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders