“Active Pathways works from the ethos that the changing nature of society requires that children are well prepared physically, socially and intellectually for their lives ahead. Central to this ethos is that children are educated and cared for in a way that fosters independence, self-reliance, and respect of others, regardless of race or gender. Part of nurturing this respect is ensuring that programming is inclusive of gender and culture, and recognises the contributions of females, males, and those of various backgrounds, religions and cultures”. Dr Mary Anne Hall

About Active Pathways

Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre is a two room Kindergarten and Long day care Centre that provides care for up to 40 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years of age. Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre is in a quiet residential area of Kearney Springs, near Nellie Robinson Park. The Centre is situated at 10 Gunn Street, Toowoomba, and while unassuming on the outside, offers a beautiful and relaxed learning environment inside.

The quiet and natural surroundings make it a perfect atmosphere for children to grow and learn. This small centre environment is away from any main roads, is fully secured and alarmed, with the safety and security of children being of the upmost importance. This locally and family owned education and care community offers Toowoomba families an alternative to large childcare centres. It provides a family like atmosphere, with focus on gentle and nurturing care giving.

Approach to care

Active Pathways places strong importance on both the physical and emotional health of the children in its care. It is our belief that addressing the emotional needs of children requires educators who are patient, loving, emotionally intelligent, and importantly, are willing on an ongoing basis to undertake professional development and training to further develop and refine these imperative qualities and skills. Owner of Active Pathways, Dr Mary Anne Hall, is an experienced educator in the field of early childhood and works hard to ensure these holistic philosophies are embedded in the daily practices and routines of the Centre.

Our teachers and educators strive to build relationships with all children, including those who are stressed and anxious. We understand that all children are individuals and will handle stress and change differently. We also believe that children require ongoing validation and the avenue to express all their emotions (happiness, sadness, fear and anxiety). For this reason, all our educators approach children from a position of compassion and empathy, regardless of the feelings or emotions they are displaying.

Active Pathways takes an inclusive approach to its care of children and works hard to connect to all children who are part of our care family. The small two room configuration of our Centre allows this to happen, and is most evident in our family grouping structure, whereby siblings can ‘be with’ or ‘visit’ if their sibling is being cared for in another room. The shared playground also makes connection easy, with a lack of division creating a home like atmosphere, where teachers and educators know and are connected to, all children in the Centre.

For those children who maybe disengaged or struggling with being away from Mum or Dad, our educators are generous givers of love and compassion, and work to both validate and build trust with the child. Importantly, our educators work to support children to develop inter-peer relationships, to build scaffolding around these connections so that they are maintained and nurtured.


Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre is set in a purpose built two room Centre at 10 Gunn Street, Toowoomba. The Centre boasts:

  • a large pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten room: Adventure Island;
  • a large nursery: Lullaby Lane
  • a purpose- built nappy change area
  • a large shaded side veranda
  • a staff room
  • laundry with shower facilities
  • a purpose-built kitchen with food prepared on site
  • ample car parks with disabled parking facilities, and
  • a beautiful communal leafy playground

Our Philosophy

Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre seeks to promote education, physical activity and positive self-concepts. It aims to ensure that children’s physical, emotional, and social needs are met in a safe, caring and nurturing environment. The purpose of early education at Active Pathways is to foster resilience in children while teaching them to openly express their feelings. Active Pathways promotes an environment that encourages justice and equity, and one that provides a solid foundation for the development of respectful relationships.

The values that underpin Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre are the provision of a quality service that:

  • Protects the child from harm
  • Respects the child’s dignity and right to privacy
  • Promotes the child’s physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing
  • Provides positive experiences to the child
  • Provides stability and routine
  • Creates respectful relationships
  • Provides age appropriate and stimulating programming
  • Provides education and programming that promotes physical activity and nutritional requirements

The philosophy of Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre is that children develop a passion for learning and that they feel free to be themselves. All children are encouraged to get excited about the learning process and to see enjoyment in all the opportunities available to them.