Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre is set in a purpose built two room Centre at 10 Gunn Street, Toowoomba.
The Centre boasts

  • a large pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten room;
  • a purpose built nappy change area;
  • a large shaded side veranda;
  • a staff room, laundry with shower facilities;
  • a purpose built kitchen;
  • ample car parks with disabled parking facilities, and
  • a beautiful communal leafy playground. 

On entry to the Centre is a large relaxing foyer area and the Active Pathways Library. The Centre is fully air conditioned for the comfort of children and staff. The small centre environment prides itself on its ‘homelike’ atmosphere, and aims to provide a warm, close and educational care environment. 





Active Pathways Early Childhood Centre is committed to providing a “home away from home”, which is made possible by its small intimate setting whereby all educators know all children in the Centre and can form close quality relationships. 

Active Pathways fosters diversity in all its programming and encourages cultural diversity in all aspects of its care. This diversity is evident through the wide array of different cultural activities provided.

All educators at Active Pathways are aware of the educational importance of different backgrounds and experiences and use culture in various forms, as well as music and dance, to teach and nurture children.  Active Pathways sees itself as a small community and is committed to ensuring that all children in its care grow up to value honesty, justice and ethics. This is also evident in special events and days celebrated at the Centre that promote charity work, and the giving of self to others.